• Ironmonger’s Shop during the Interwar Years

      Ironmonger’s Shop during the Interwar Years

      The exposition of the ironmonger’s shop, based on exhibition of Open-Air Museum of Lithuania, displays diverse assortment of goods of interwar Lithuania and foreign manufacturers. It also contains examples of chemistry goods: cleaning and scouring products, paint.

      Ironmonger’s shop is situated in an extension to the typical residential-commercial Lithuanian town's jewish house, which was built in Šiaulėnai, Radviliškis District, in the 19th century. In the shop metalworkers used to purchase metal and others customers could buy various industrial products, household appliances. Strip iron of various profiles, so-called štobos, were kept near the rearmost wall of the building. The most popular of them was šininė used to upholster wheels and akėtvirbalinė (tine) used to manufacture harrow spikes and share iron. Here it was possible to purchase flat strips of rectangular cross-section as well as semi-round strips that were mostly used for the production of carriages, chaises, agricultural machines and inventory. Flail iron was used for production of horse-drawn flail threshing machines.

Objects of the exhibition

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